Marriott Resort in Oakbrook Hosts Beautiful and Elegant Ethnic Wedding

The wonderful smell of curry resonated down two hallways surrounding the ballroom of the wedding of Chirag and Sonia. Appetizers were elegantly presented to guests and laid out amongst dozens of tables at the Marriott Resort in Oakbrook. As guests arrived they were offered cocktails and helped themselves to one of the many bite sized appetizers.

Stepping inside the ballroom of the resort, silver chairs surrounded dinner tables that were dressed in eggplant colored linens. Beautiful fresh flower centerpieces brought touches of soft purples and pinks and accented the silver chairs perfectly. Special lighting was brought in to accentuate the colors in the room, including the bar, and was a beautiful touch.

Photo Booth Expressbased out of Schaumburg was present and busy taking pictures of guests, the bride and groom, and their families all night along. Props were worn by many and added fun and festivity to the atmosphere. A scrapbook was also provided that included a copy of the guests’ photos and a special hand written note wishing them well. Music was provided by Sunny Singh. Sunny Singh played upbeat and festive music that kept the dance floor occupied all night long.

To describe this wedding as elegant and beautiful is an understatement. Every detail was tended to and the result was a wedding that everyone will remember. Congratulations to the beautiful new couple Sonia and Chirag.

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