Lucky Strike for Julia's Bat Mitzvah

It was a lucky strike for Julia’s Bat Mitzvah held at the Lucky Strike  bowling alley at the Yorktown Shopping Center in Lombard. Amongst the sounds of pins being hit by bowling balls, Julia and her friends spent most of their time taking pictures in the Photo Booth provided by Photo Booth Express  out of Schaumburg. Julia made sure the booth continued to snap pictures as she hugged and kissed everyone she could find in front of the camera. Guests loved the booth too, and left a copy of the pictures for Julia’s photo book, along with a personal note sharing their love, pride, and admiration of her special day.

Aside from the entertainment of the photo booth, Julia’s sister and Mom had a special game in store for the kids; a scavenger hunt in the bowling alley. Items sought after were a man’s belt, a maraschino cherry, a black amex card, and a penny. The kids had a ball racing around the venue, giggling, and competing for prizes.

A beautiful photo montage was also created and set to music sharing highlights of Julia’s life and memories to date. Julia’s family were gracious hosts and Julia and her friends were so much fun to take pictures of. Congratulations Julia!