How To Hire a Photo Booth For Your Wedding

As photo booths become more and more popular at Chicago weddings a lot of fly by night companies have started popping up. As with any wedding vendor you want to make sure you do your research and hire a professional company who will not disappoint you on your wedding day. Here is a list of questions to ask your potential photo booth company:

1.      Does your photo booth offer the “true” photo booth experience of your guests going into an enclosed booth and pressing a button or is it a person standing there with a backdrop and a camera taking pictures manually?

2.      Are you fully insured and licensed?

3.      Are you locally owned and operated? If not, how much of your photo booth business is in Chicago? Do you have an office and back up booths in Chicago?

4.      How many photo booths do you have? Is there a replacement photo booth available on my date if something were to happen to mine?

5.      Will there be an attendant on duty throughout my wedding to answer questions, assist guests, change photo paper when needed, etc?

6.      What type of printers do you use? Professional photo booths will use photo lab quality dye sublimation printers, which will give you lab quality prints that will last for decades.

7.      Can we see samples of the photo strips before we book with your company?

8.      Do you offer an online web gallery for guests to view the photos?

9.      Do we get digital copies of all the photos?

10.  Can we add our names, wedding date, or custom graphics to the photo strips?

Here is a handy photo booth comparison worksheet to download to help you in your search.

Do your research and hire a professional company and you and your guests will have hours of fun with a photo booth at your wedding and walk away with keepsakes to cherish forever!

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