Fun with a Photo Booth

Why take pictures of yourself, when you can be someone or something else? We thought that to ourselves and came up with a hysterical solution! Photo Booth Express decided that it was time to be a bit more creative while at our clients weddings, mitzvah’s or corporate events. Now, we’ve always had the traditional props to choose from but we realized it was time to step up our game. Aside from the typical boa’s and such we now include a diverse group of fun hats, crazy masks, retro sun glasses, and you may even get a chance to be an animal while using our photo booth! I just love seeing how creative people can be while enjoying the use of props, it’s like they get to let go for a moment and just have fun. Don’t forget while booking your next event to add props to your package. You never know what kind of crazy photos you may get to look back at!


  1. Weddings, parties, reunions, or any other excuse to just have fun.
    So you got your DJ, food, drinks, decor,… so what’s missing to take your party or event to the next level? PicShare Bar will be the ONE attraction at your party that all your guests will be talking about.

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