Choosing Photo Booth Picture Frames as Wedding Favors

Photo booths are the hot new trend at wedding receptions across the county and it’s easy to see why, they provide the guests with hours of entertainment and great souvenirs of the day. Guests leave with lots of fun photos they took with their friends and family that they will cherish forever. A great way to incorporate a photo booth into your wedding is to provide photo booth frames to your guests as your wedding favor. This way your guests will be able to proudly display their photo strip from your wedding at their home or office.

The frames along with a printed insert can serve as name cardholders to let guests know which table they are seated at or left at their place setting with an insert containing a reminder to use the photo booth and special thank you note to them for attending your wedding.

When selecting a frame for your photo booth pictures you will want to consider three factors: size, price and quality.

Check with your photo booth rental company to determine exactly what size photo strips they offer. The most common sizes are 2”x6”, 2”x7”, 2 ¼”x8” and 4”x6” however, there are a lot of other size photo strips out there. Ideally you would like your frame to be about ¼” taller than the photo strip to allow the photo strip to slide in and out easily.

On average a frame for a photo booth picture will cost around a dollar per frame, sometimes higher for the larger frame sizes. Since the prices are all very close the real questions is quality.

What material is the frame made from? Acrylic is the most common and offers good quality at an affordable price. The 1.5mm acrylic tends to be a little flimsy while the 2mm offers a much sturdier frame so always look for the thicker acrylic. Another thing to look for is how the edges appear. Depending on the manufacturing process used some edges are rough while others are smooth and rounded. The rounded edges of course indicate a much higher quality.  The final thing to consider is if the frames come individually wrapped to avoid scratching during shipping or in transit to your wedding venue.

You might spend a few more cents per frame for the better frames but the higher quality is evident and seeing how this your gift to your guests and something they will be displaying at their home well it is worth it.

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