Best Middle School Graduation Dance Ever: Libertyville's Highland Middle School

It started with the 8th grade graduation ceremony a few blocks away at Libertyville High School. Once names were announced and graduates were applauded, the 8th graders of Highland Middle School made their way back to their middle school which, thanks to the efforts of various Mom’s, was transformed into a dance party environment perfectly suited for teenagers.

Upon entering the dance, the doorway to the school was covered in shiny silver plastic that glistened as the Hollywood red carpet style lights hit the silver doors and bounced off.  Stepping into the hallway adjacent to the gym, students were greeted cheerfully by the photo booth, provided by Photo Booth Express out of Schaumburg. The line started as students entered the dance celebration and continued until the end. The tweens loved getting numerous photos taken with their BFF’s with no shortage of big smiles, braces, and happiness that school was over and summer was beginning.

The hallways of the dance were like nothing I’ve ever seen. The walls were covered with paper and the Mom’s of these graduates raised the bar on decorations by plastering up life size images of the cast of Twilight and other bands and icons of their age and generation. The bathrooms were even decorated with a music theme that included plastic records being hung from the ceiling.

The “refreshment” hallway was my personal favorite. Pizza was served, as well as soda, and then tables full of cookies, cake, and candy were available in the largest of bowls with giant spoons that  kids were able to scoop huge handfuls of candy into cups that they could munch on throughout the evening.

Inside the gymnasium did not disappoint. Walking in, the walls were once again decorated with human size versions of iphones and ipods. Each application was a different color and was covered in glitter that shimmered when the lights from the DJ hit it. It was such a creative, fun and festive idea. The night was topped off with hundreds of balloons that were released from a net hung from the ceiling. They drifted down amongst the tweens dancing, and having a great time. Oh, what a night.