Awesome Wedding Video

I firmly believe in creating unique moments at a wedding to make the day even more special for the bride and groom and their families and guests. However, I must admit that I am sometimes reluctant to incorporate things into a wedding that our clients see on YouTube.  We want to create moments that our clients will cherish, not clichéd ones where they look back and say “Why did we do that!”

This weekend I stumbled on one of the coolest wedding videos that I have ever seen. This was one of those examples where the bride and groom and their videographer had a unique vision and then went all out to make it come to life.

Every element of this wedding video was outstanding. The cinematography, choreography, editing, etc. I was absolutely floored! First of all I have to give props to the bride and groom Joya and Emre and the wedding videographer David Robin for coming up with such a great concept and then implementing it perfectly. What an amazing job! I am sure that this could not have been so successfully without the help of a lot of talented people, the entire list of people who contributed along with the video can be seen here.

Congratulations to Joya and Emre on their wedding and the best wedding video I have ever seen!


joya and emre | wedding music video from David Robin on Vimeo.

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